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Commissioning a Memorial

As a passionate sculptor in stone, I believe that every piece of work I create should be a tribute to the person it memorializes. I understand that a memorial is more than just a physical marker; it’s a way to honour and keep memories alive.

I specialize in creating unique and personalized memorials that are a lasting reminder of a persons life, a touchstone. They can take many forms, from a large formal headstone to a small pebble to fit in your hand.

I work hard to ensure that each memorial I craft truly reflects the life and personality of the person it commemorates. I aim to provide personalized and attentive service, walking clients through the entire process so you can rest assured your loved one’s memory is being taken care of.

The process for commissioning a headstone will usually start with a visit to my workshop. We can sit down and discuss the important elements of the memorial, and the process in bringing them together into a design.

I will then compile a quote setting out the costs of design, stone, installation and any administrative costs. Once this has been agreed I can order the stone and start to design the inscription and any carved elements.

​Get in touch, visit my workshop and let’s talk about creating something special.

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